The two lovable chums behind Moutoo design, Mr. Jones and his sidekick Riguel, met in high school in the late 90's. Those were the times when Bloodhound Gang's Bad touch was ruling the airwaves and Friends were the hottest thing on telly. The dynamic duo had been nurturing their creative minds, using all the shop-class time they could get their hands on. Among their greatest inventions were a diesel-powered can-opener, a pair of skiing-poles for water-skiing and a tandem-spork for sharing a plate of traditional Finnish pea-meal with a friend. Even though none of their inventions could be considered financially (nor functionally) successful, they showed a direction for their future. Later on, our boys headed out into the university-world. Mr. Jones concentrated on form and function with his studies in industrial design and Riguel took on the business side of their enterprise as the goal of his studies. 


For some time, the boys were waiting for something to happen. When the buzz around J’s Reppo II hit the ears of our lovely lads, they finally had the chance to press play and let the flow out. Now there's a freshly set-up design office, and boys are ready to hit the market with their inventions. The goal of the whole thing is to make everyone’s life a bit nicer with wonderful products that are great in both form and function. 

In Moutoo Design’s products you can always feel the spark our boys had in their bright eyes when they we’re drawing up their stuff, whether it is a portable backpack audio system or an innovative lighting system, a piece of jewelry or a pair of designer underwear. Life is too short for dull Wallmart products with no soul; our boys at Moutoo Design would like to offer you something more. We all adore those small moments when one just has to stop and say: ”Wow!”. 

On behalf of Moutoo Design's

Mr. Jones & Sidekick Riguel,

Odie the Cook

(Yeah, they made the lunchroom cook write this, since the two are so busy with their newest designs.)